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2010-05-28 13:32:07 by xKore


Selling my CD Collection

2010-05-08 18:39:16 by xKore

If you're in the UK and you want any of these for cheap:

Xclusive: Trance ?ViewItem&item=270576226352

Above and Beyond: Anjunabeats Volume Six ?ViewItem&item=270576226353

High Contrast: True Colours ?ViewItem&item=270576226354

Xclusive: Electro House ?ViewItem&item=270576226355

The Ultimate Rave Album ?ViewItem&item=270576226356

Bonkers: The Original Hardcore ?ViewItem&item=270576226357

Justice: A Cross the Universe ?ViewItem&item=270576226370

Commix - Call To Mind ?ViewItem&item=270576226371

Fabriclive 03: DJ Hype ?ViewItem&item=270576226372

Hardcore Euphoria ?ViewItem&item=270576226375

Junglesound Gold ?ViewItem&item=270576226377

Fabriclive 18: Andy C & DJ Hype ?ViewItem&item=270576226381

The Very Best of Euphoric Dance Breakdown: Summer 2008 ?ViewItem&item=270576226382

The Best of Chicane ?ViewItem&item=270576226384

Above and Beyond: Anjunadeep 01 ?ViewItem&item=270576226387

The No.1 Electro House Album ?ViewItem&item=270576226391

They're all mainly trance, house, DnB and hardcore. So if you're into that stuff go ahead.

Selling part of my cd collection

2010-04-23 20:30:23 by xKore

I need to sell off my cd collection. If you're in the Uk, help me out :)

Bonkers: The Original Hardcore
Commix: Call to Mind
Fabriclive 18: Andy C and DJ Hype
The Ultimate Rave Album
Justice: Across the Universe
The Very Best of Euphoric Dance Breakdown: Summer 2008
High Contrast: True Colours
Fabriclive 03: DJ Hype
Above and Beyond: Anjunadeep 01
Xclusive: Electro House
Xclusive: Trance
Junglesound Gold
The Best of Chicane
Above and Beyond: Anjunabeats Volume Six
Hardcore Euphoria
The No.1 Electro House Album

ive tried to make them all cheaper than retail and any other ebay or amazon listings. cheers

blank post

2010-04-17 18:47:48 by xKore

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A wise man once said...

2010-03-28 18:33:39 by xKore

nyeaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr

A wise man once said...

WellMixed Records

2009-12-28 19:38:14 by xKore

I got asked to do a remix for a tune being released on WellMixed Records, a fairly well-regarded label in trance, with releases from artists such as Cressida, Dj Eco, Estiva, Marcie and Mat Zo. I have a couple of months to do it, so I'm hoping this will be a good opportunity for me to show my shit and maybe get some future releases there.

The track is Thya - Empire of the Sun (4th track in this mix)

Just thought I'd fill you in :)

... to start a new collaborative project with.

So if you're a good singer with a good quality microphone, or a good composer that can write nice contemporary and flowing music, then please contact me, by PM or something.

I realized my strength is producing, and the engineering side of things and my downfalls are vocals and compositon things, so if I can start a new project with these bases covered, I think we'll be able to make nice music, to possibly get signed and sell :)

Also, something I did over last weekend, TwoFour:

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Might start up my own electro label soon, to sell my stuff and find to some new talent to bring up with me hopefully. Found some distributors etc, that will get my stuff on itunes and beatport and that. If you make good electro or house, pm me as well dude.

Releases + Mashups, also NEED HALP!

2009-11-20 20:40:06 by xKore

My songs Rejuvenate and Do Right are getting released digitally on Thursday, I uploaded the previews a few moments ago, if you like them please help me out and buy them when they come out :D High quality, 7+ mins: ore/releases/

Also, some mashups I done this evening, mashing shit up is so addicting:

Noisia & Foreign Beggars vs Wolfgang Gartner - Contact Symphony (xKore Mashup)

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Britney vs Reso - Smash Your 3 (xKore Mashup)

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Black Eyed Peas vs Jack Beats - Meet Me in the UFO (xKore Mashup)

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Last, I was thinking of starting to do a electro and dubstep podcast, maybe prog trance aswell, but I need more music, if you know any good electro or dubstep tunes that are good and new, help me out in the comments :D

dont worry, be happy

2009-06-15 08:35:32 by xKore



2009-01-20 15:59:50 by xKore