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2009-12-28 19:38:14 by xKore

I got asked to do a remix for a tune being released on WellMixed Records, a fairly well-regarded label in trance, with releases from artists such as Cressida, Dj Eco, Estiva, Marcie and Mat Zo. I have a couple of months to do it, so I'm hoping this will be a good opportunity for me to show my shit and maybe get some future releases there.

The track is Thya - Empire of the Sun (4th track in this mix)

Just thought I'd fill you in :)


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2010-03-10 04:34:24

Hoo ar doze peeplez? xD


2010-03-10 04:38:07

But on a serious note, that's a vast array of quality artists on that label, best of luck that it get's signed.

Listened to that THYA song, pretty awesome, can't wait to at least hear what you make of it :)

If it does get signed, buttsex?


2010-03-11 08:23:49

so girl, i'm your man.



2010-03-11 16:52:56

oh btw, wheres the dupsteb track upto? I know someone who can promote it and shit lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll


2010-03-17 15:37:23

OMG, can't wait to here what you do with it. Good luck n shit.


2010-03-17 17:49:16

Tell me when its out man I'll be buying it.


2010-03-18 09:38:50

Be sure to promote me when you get popular :P


2010-03-22 07:41:58

Now you can have minimal photos taken of you in myspace poses for your logo's n shit and you can look all trance man like