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Looking for singers and composers...

2009-12-10 18:14:10 by xKore

... to start a new collaborative project with.

So if you're a good singer with a good quality microphone, or a good composer that can write nice contemporary and flowing music, then please contact me, by PM or something.

I realized my strength is producing, and the engineering side of things and my downfalls are vocals and compositon things, so if I can start a new project with these bases covered, I think we'll be able to make nice music, to possibly get signed and sell :)

Also, something I did over last weekend, TwoFour:

/* */
Might start up my own electro label soon, to sell my stuff and find to some new talent to bring up with me hopefully. Found some distributors etc, that will get my stuff on itunes and beatport and that. If you make good electro or house, pm me as well dude.


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2009-12-10 18:19:01

Ah damn. I love to sing, I just don't have a good microphone... I don't think a headset microphone will do either. And my friend who owns a music studio, isn't in touch either. =( Also, you're one of the few inspiring musical artists I look up to. ^.^


2009-12-10 18:29:08

if you need anything done by guitar pm me


2009-12-10 18:38:17

Any specific genres of music your looking for, I'm a solo acoustic guitarist looking to try out something like this.


2009-12-10 22:33:23

Man, I can sing, I just need a good mic.


2009-12-12 14:37:39

i make country


2009-12-15 11:54:38

you like bluegrass?

xKore responds:



2009-12-27 04:58:06

p.s. Moments sounds really good; it started off iffy and got incredibly kickass without me realizing it halfway through.

good luck with label aspirations! they're a pain to launch, but it can be worth it, provided your primary motivation isn't gettin' filthy rich.