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Releases + Mashups, also NEED HALP!

2009-11-20 20:40:06 by xKore

My songs Rejuvenate and Do Right are getting released digitally on Thursday, I uploaded the previews a few moments ago, if you like them please help me out and buy them when they come out :D High quality, 7+ mins: ore/releases/

Also, some mashups I done this evening, mashing shit up is so addicting:

Noisia & Foreign Beggars vs Wolfgang Gartner - Contact Symphony (xKore Mashup)

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Britney vs Reso - Smash Your 3 (xKore Mashup)

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Black Eyed Peas vs Jack Beats - Meet Me in the UFO (xKore Mashup)

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Last, I was thinking of starting to do a electro and dubstep podcast, maybe prog trance aswell, but I need more music, if you know any good electro or dubstep tunes that are good and new, help me out in the comments :D


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2009-11-22 02:09:36

Congrats on the release, I'll be sure to get it! :D


2009-11-23 13:59:27

Congrats on your release.. As for dubstep, Moth by Burial and Four Tet is by far the most impressive dubstep song I have ever, ever heard. It was released in may 2009 I think, but still a beautiful tune. :) I don't know whether or not you would call it dubstep, but that song needs no classification.
Medictune - Fractured Background is also a great tune.
I hope you get to be a big popstar :D


2009-11-25 18:57:22

my post got deleted!


2009-11-27 14:14:07



2009-11-29 21:29:39

when you say you want something new, how new does it have to be?


2010-06-21 08:02:28

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