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Domination EP - OUT NOW

2011-07-11 06:59:36 by xKore

As some of you may know, my first EP is out, called Domination EP, and as of right now, is charting at no.15 on the Beatport dubstep charts.

You can check out full previews of the tracks on the EP on these links:


Here's the link to buy it on Beatport, but it should be available on all good mp3 stores, just search for xKore.

Also, I did this drumstep remix/edit of Flux Pavilions Bass Cannon that's available for free here. Can't upload it to NG because of NG's rules on samples n shit.


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2011-07-11 08:03:16

Is beatport a good deal for you? What percentage of the revenue do you get, and how much exposure does it get you? Congrats, and the songs are great.


2011-07-11 08:58:57

If this is your first EP, then what's 4/4?

Either way, this is awesome, you're gonna get big in the Dubstep scene, man! ;)


2011-07-11 11:35:33

this is fucking great!

check your PM's


2011-07-11 17:10:10

Good shit man. I'm planning on buying it as soon as I get back from vacation


2011-07-13 02:57:07

Ok then... HAVE the 5 bucks i thought i was going to spend on something else!

great music man, you deserve to get paid for what you make, you should be on itunes by now!


2011-07-19 18:53:16

nice work, man. hard to believe only a few years ago you just started.

totally fb'd and tweeted.


2011-07-28 14:26:40

Something is happening...

Squirtle is evolving!


2011-07-28 23:20:23

i couldn't resist. i bought domination and have been going crazy ever since. thank you.


2011-08-22 03:03:42


I've loved your music since you came out. In fact, you are the sole reason I even got into dubstep. Thank you for creating such awesome music and introducing me to this culture. I hope you get famous bro, seriously. Keep up the good work and I'll definitely be buying your EP.


2011-08-26 04:53:48

I was directed here, from Emo Gunner. Could you please tell me the name of the menu music? I really, really like that track. I've looked for it on YouTube and all over your NG submissions, but can't find it.

xKore responds: isten/281375


2011-09-11 18:03:05

There's a clear amount of love you have the Dub Scene, and it's fun how intense you lay out the bass. Reminds me of an awesome first step from Bass Nectar and Flux Pavilion mixed with a little Skrillex.

Fantastic stuff man, really.


2011-09-12 16:48:17

I bought it on iTunes.



2011-09-17 17:40:00

Um....full previews, logic fail, no offence

xKore responds:

The previews are the full tracks, you just can't download them.


2011-09-21 01:03:35

I bought your 3 songs that are up on iTunes. But am wondering if I should buy your future ones from beatport. Which one helps you more? Cost doesn't matter honestly, just looking for which will support you more to becoming a more popular and bigger artist.


2011-09-30 07:21:05

Nice but needs more bacon!