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My first event: Nxt Gen in Birmingham

2011-06-23 17:30:39 by xKore

I'm playing my first ever dj set at an event called Nxt Gen Dubstep @ Rainbow in Birmingham, UK - July 8th

Tickets are available here.

If you're coming down, tell me so I can meet up and talk and stuff at the event :)

Also, Domination/Splatterhouse/Magnum EP is being released on July 4th on all major mp3 stores.

Fire/Destroyer/Lazershark EP will be releasing later on in the summer.

Lots of new tunes in the works at the moment, a couple collabs with vocalists going on and a range of different genres being worked on. An album might be a possibility this summer.

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2011-06-23 21:55:02

I wish I could come :(, but me is only thirteen.

I was wondering what programs you use for your music, mind tellin' an amateur music maker?


2011-06-23 21:57:40

oooooooooo break a leg, and be sure to link any video footage of the event!!!


2011-06-24 00:52:46

Whoo! Knock them dead!


2011-06-24 01:01:16

:D Sounds awesome!

Also, kudos on the fab aura. :3


2011-06-24 01:24:32

Cunt. Why is the UK the birth of all the good dubstep producers? Come to America and we can fucking melt peoples faces off. Oy!


2011-06-24 04:36:42

you're my hero (seriously - your music keeps me pluggin away when im animating )

best of luck!


2011-06-24 13:31:59

I was gonna go but I'm going on hols now. AW :(

And pleeeease say you're working on finishing some songs from Bunch of Old Stuff?!!


2011-06-24 14:02:50

Have good luck in the dj set at birmingham

Take your time with stuff with finishing songs from bunch of old stuff, and the collabs

Hold a suggestions/contest of naming the album in the summer?


2011-06-25 22:43:28

Dude... damn I wish either you were born in america so i can go to your show OR wish that i was born in UK so I can support you D:

anyways good luck on your show


2011-06-27 09:57:49

DAMMIT....I so wish I lived in the UK -_-


2011-06-28 17:06:18

someone record it id like to see!


2011-06-29 09:12:37

I'll be in France that week, so I won't be able to make it. :(


2011-06-29 23:41:00

When are you going to finish crowd control?


2011-06-30 09:38:33

Does 'all major mp3 stores' include iTunes?

xKore responds:



2011-07-03 00:06:56

Can't wait for Lazershark EP, and still eagerly awaiting the Domination EP.


2011-07-04 00:15:28

Just bought the EP off iTunes. Good shit man, wish I could go to the festival. But I is American. /:


2011-07-05 03:06:01

I put you on my list of inspirations on my facebook page.


2011-07-08 02:01:44


so you're like

doing this thing later today

good luck if someone records this i will be SO HAPPY