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My New Single: Entropy

2011-05-16 10:19:52 by xKore

Full high quality available through Bandcamp: /track/xkore-entropy

Follow me @:


Also, I've finally made myself a facebook page, so if you know me send me a friend request:


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2011-05-16 11:10:50

<3 this!! You should also make a fan page on Facebook so you can have a Bandpage and share music etc. Just a suggestion :)


2011-05-16 13:13:56

cool man dig the style. I just wish it were even lighter. You seriously have a knack for creating great atmospheres. Now expand on that moar.

Also did you make that video? pretty professional looking


2011-05-16 14:47:24

Do you have other purchasable songs except the stuff you have on bandcamp?


2011-05-16 19:35:25

livestreamin much lately?

xKore responds:

I would've for this song, but I just forgot tbh. I'll try and do some.


2011-05-17 00:07:12

Moarrrrrrrrrrr chill stuff...lovin' it <3


2011-05-21 15:32:06

I Love this music! You're my Hero xKore!


2011-05-24 07:56:23

I recently tuned in to Dubstep, and my days have been filled with endless joy finding producers that make music that has never rhimed so good with my ears.

I loved your shit man, instantly favved and added to my iPhone. Say, you don't have a facebook fan page do you? :P


2011-05-29 00:20:35

I love you.


2011-05-29 01:08:43

... ... I like this song (\(^~^)/)

I like the odd yet beautiful voice you use in your music as well... ^^

I like I like I like... -likes on Facebook as well-


2011-06-01 08:22:12

How is possible that all your stuff is so awesome? Yours is a name to remember for the next few years I think... I expect great things from you Matt :P


2011-06-03 18:48:35

Now make one called Enthalpy ololololol


2011-06-09 09:09:17

hey man i found out about you through beat hazard this shit is tha bomb

keep it realz

also kent is gay lol