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NG Award, 'New' songs and Future EPs

2011-05-05 16:14:40 by xKore

So as some of you may know, or not, I won the NG Musician of the Year award this year.

I want to thank all my listeners here on NG for this, I really do appreciate your support. I try and read every single review, and every PM, and of course I can't reply to all of them, but I am really grateful for each and every one of them, so thanks.

So I've recently come across some old projects in my archived folders, and found a few songs that I've never really uploaded and a few songs that no one has access to the full high quality version of. So I've decided to upload some of these to Bandcamp for anyone who wants to buy them.

Some of them have been uploaded to Newgrounds before but not in high quality and not the full versions. Here are some Youtube previews and the corresponding links to their Bandcamp pages. The whole set is available HERE.

xKore - Morning Coffee [Youtube, Bandcamp]

xKore - Serenade [Youtube, Bandcamp]

xKore - Night Drive [Youtube, Bandcamp]

xKore - Steampunk [Youtube, Bandcamp]

xKore - Two Four (Shake Yo Booty!) [Youtube, Bandcamp]

As for dubstep, I have two EPs queued up on different labels which are pretty much finished right now.

The first one forthcoming on Cognition Imprint is called Splatterhouse EP. The tracklist looks like this:

1. xKore - Splatterhouse [Soundcloud]
2. xKore - Domination [Soundcloud]
3. xKore - Magnum [Soundcloud]

Most of you are probably familiar with some of these tunes, they've been fully finished and professionally mastered by the label. Expect it to release on most major online music shops around the end of May.

The second EP, which I personally am really looking forward to, is coming out on GAWA recordings and is called Destroyer EP. The tracklist looks like this:

1. xKore - Destroyer
2. xKore - Fire
3. xKore - Lazershark
4. xKore - Lazershark (Breaknoise Remix)

Don't know when this one is going to release, but I think it's most of you who like my dubstep/drumstep will quite like it :)

I'll try and get on the Livestream some more, but I've got a few exams coming up so I can't make any promises.

As always follow me @: Twitter, Youtube, Myspace, Soundcloud, and apparently you can like me on facebook now.

/long update


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2011-05-05 16:29:25

I just want to say congrats on winning NG Musician of the Year. :)

xKore responds:

Congrats on User of the Year!


2011-05-05 16:35:02

Congrats on the award man!


2011-05-05 16:45:09

Good luck dude and i really liked the logo pic that you put in your videos.



2011-05-05 16:51:29

Congratz i never heard your music but after listening MAN its so Bad ass music :D

xKore responds:

cheers :)


2011-05-05 17:29:56

Working on a music-driven game and your song "Last Chance" is being used as the first "tutorial" level. Hope you don't mind I've just really wanted to use it for something. Drop me a PM if you have any issues.

xKore responds:

Credit me and it's all good. Good luck with your game.


2011-05-05 17:42:39

Congrats on musician on the year - absolutely no question that you deserved it. I'll be buying your dubstep when it comes out, make sure to post an update here!


2011-05-05 18:10:54

You're such a pro dude! Definitely deserved.


2011-05-05 18:44:27

Your music is fucking mad man you deserve it.


2011-05-05 18:46:53

Congrats on the Musician of the Year and on the EPs dude! It's about time you started getting your stuff out there! :D


2011-05-05 19:00:36

Your stuff is really great, you deserve the award. And I look forward to your releases and all of your future ones.


2011-05-05 21:07:46

congratz on the winning, it's been your year :)


2011-05-06 01:52:39

Congrats dude! You definitely deserve it :)


2011-05-06 03:47:38



2011-05-06 08:09:18

Mad repect for you, man!! Keep winning at composing! Congrats x


2011-05-06 10:51:08

you are a winner


2011-05-06 13:06:38

Congrats on the award xKore, you really deserve it!
Also, post the full version of two four, I love it, it sounds Justice-esque :3


2011-05-06 14:14:46

I remember when I was one the live chat for Pico Day and I saw you. I jokingly asked if you were the guy who makes the good music and you responded with yes. I think it's a bit funny that you ended up winning musician of the year later on that day. :P


2011-05-06 16:50:50

Congrats! You really deserve it!


2011-05-06 19:21:53


Anyways, great job on the award! You definitely deserved it.


2011-05-07 04:24:07

I sent you a request for The Interviewer to interview you. Please reply to it.


2011-05-08 10:13:29

congrats on the award man! thats all i have to say.


2011-05-09 02:15:58

Congrats on the award :]

Thanks for the new info :)

Now onward to the collab work, and your own finishing timing strategy


2011-05-09 13:10:38

Your work is amazing.

Keep it up. :)


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