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NEED HELP: Musical inspiration

2011-01-14 16:54:17 by xKore

So i need some inspiration.

Could you link me to some music that I probably haven't heard before that is inspiring, not in the emotional sense, but in the musical sense? Something that's different from the norm is ideal. I don't care about genres or if it's new or old. You can post stuff that isn't music, but it has to be a form of art.


Also, follow me on twitter if you like my music or whatever.

Remix packs news post.

NEED HELP: Musical inspiration


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2011-01-14 17:21:24

Well, its a bit more emotional than you are wanting but hell its the best ambient music I have ever heard. lNkPM

xKore responds:

emotional is fine.



2011-01-14 17:34:32

Gorillaz - Dirty Harry. For some reason every time I hear this song I end up opening FL. rJPao

I think you'll like this remix. ZP6tc

xKore responds:

ah gorillaz, good choice. also, you've got me back into dada life now.


2011-01-14 17:42:17

Most mind-easing peaceful song i know :) -mUOI
Honestly,, Waterflame is the most inspiring person for music i have ever known, the only reason i got FL studio was because of this king. n/291458
and a song by me, who knows you might like it? n/390363

I hope you like at least one of these songs :)


2011-01-14 17:50:30

ok so here are some specific songs that have helped me in times of dire need of inspiration. in splendid 96kbps format from youtube videos for your convenience.

Not too much of a fan of the first one but I love the sounds in it, and the second one is cool too. feelgood music. vg8uo sdtuU

some awesome mix of house and big band jazz, which is worth watching just for the dance f_cVo

a song with a nice fast triplet rhythm kind of rhythm, makes me want to trip around and make similar songs. ymOJ4

I personally rip this song off ALL the time: Rawgg

All pat metheny songs except two have excellent melodies. It's fusion jazz.

and a straight out chillout song, just for good measure.

xKore responds:

Thanks for introducing me to Lemaitre, i really dig their sound, them and royskopp are exactly what i need right now.


2011-01-14 21:12:22

I tend to find Boards of Canada pretty inspiring. They've got a really unique and peaceful sound. Here's two of my favorites by them: jGjl8 _JWXY

I can't think of any more at the moment but I'll post again if I do. Hope this helped.


2011-01-14 21:27:25

Ahh....2 more artists come to mind.

Aphex Twin:

This guy makes some great stuff. I gotta say "Windowlicker" is my favorite by him. However, his less popular stuff his probably the most inspiring. Here's some links: jn7dg -QCwk&feature=related WU8zA&feature=related

World's End Girlfriend:

I've just recently discovered this guy and I've only listened to a few of his songs, but his work is so out there that you trip balls just listening to it. I've gotten some great ideas for my music just by listening to the song "Singing Under the Rainbow" by him. Here's a link to that: Ucar0

Again, hope this helped.


2011-01-15 01:16:56

I really hope he's heard of Aphex Twin before. For something much less known, and a little more unique. Try some of this ;D e7lbE


2011-01-15 04:02:41

This song is awesome, IDM with some amazing guitar : CsdSE
Doesn't seem to go anywhere, but awesome drums nonetheless :P : aWt3Q&ob=av2el
Some experimental music nao, some pretty awesome music :3 : ih8Ls j41lk&feature=related
Some rock hard electro/Dubstep, he has some awesome Tracks : zUrUA p_ibQ&feature=related
and last but not least, Feed Me :P : hxyHw
Hope I helped =D


2011-01-15 10:42:29

Hmm, I've always liked dubstep. The beginning is kinda relaxing, allthough the voice gives me chills. Brrrr. CLuQ4&feature=related

Plus I find liquid dnb relaxing, so maybe you should give it a shot. Hope I helped!


2011-01-15 15:46:03

Hey xKore. I don't know if you know Broken Note. But they have a weird dubstep style that I'm sure you'll like.


2011-01-15 23:43:20

Well, here is some dubstep you may or may not have heard before, but it certainly is unique: tBCq8 HfXQI 89W0Y (well, this one is drum and bass I guess, but close enough)

And then try some of this guy's stuff, I really like a lot of it. Just download his last 4 or so EPs/Albums

And then listen to this uym5k&feature=player_embedded


2011-01-16 04:32:49 WgXcQ

I believe this will give you an idea

xKore responds:

blocked in my country lol


2011-01-16 13:29:30

I dunno if you dig metalcore or not, but some of this stuff is absolutely phenomenal! =D

Karnivool will change your life...btw they're NOT metalcore: P6LkY 5cqFY OpicI (This one's live, I apologize for the lack of quality :( )

Periphery is phenomenal: cxkEI

Here's some random shit I've been digging recently: BvaaU U5AjQ t6uKo wSNa0 fEXpc mL1fQ o5ZNE JCxS0 5Iz4k&feature=fvst (sorry, this one's kinda quiet =P)

Abandon All Ships is the PERFECT mix between dance (including everything from Hardstyle to Dubstep, yeah! >:D) and post-hardcore: 48UPw 03pWA

This guy Gemini makes some of the most phenomenal dubstep I've ever heard (you may have already heard it =P): 2AB3M d4n-Q

Here's some other dubstep stuff I've been digging recently...if you can't tell, I love Asking Alexandria; they're like what Bullet For My Valentine was too pussy to do! >:D : ecpk8
-evIw 38b-U lapCE&ob=av2el (comes in towards the end) fmwNU (you've probably already heard this one)

Also, check out: Sleigh Bells, Jamie Cullum, Closure in Moscow, and anything with Johnny Craig. These guys will definitely inspire you. ;)


2011-01-16 13:41:29

Oh shit! I almost forgot; check out STS9. They're like jam-band dubstep/electronica, crazy shit man! They're like Santana mixed with Daft Punk. This is really really good stuff here! =D 8Tj18 vHLDo


2011-01-16 13:51:49

One more:

I'm good friends with these guys =): cb_Zg pshs4&feature=related

*And I didn't mean Santana...I meant Yes... V4joQ

Alright, that's it for a while. Hope this helps bro! And I'll get you that .flp soon! ;)


2011-01-16 13:51:59

Found this guy a while back when I was looking for some good ambient idm. Really deep and moody stuff. Don't think I ever showed you. Twenty Minutes is probably the better of the two tracks by the way. hfLTQ Hy34g

Not sure if you'll feel this but check it out. Some of my native hip-hop. zbvd8 dCwK8

Ye old Amon Tobin. Not sure if you ever heard this one. Probably did but I'll link it anyway. nGyUg&feature=related

Found this guy a year ago or so. Freaking awesome guitarist. His harmonies and melodies are beautiful. fG22k nhEmg&feature=related

Some of those would have to be new to ya'.


2011-01-16 15:06:27

so much youtube


2011-01-16 16:38:26

As for inspiration, try out breakcore. It's gotta be the most obscure, ground-breaking stuff I've ever heard. Fuse literally whatever the fuck you want with extreme DnB and you have breakcore. fSeiU f-LLY

iwrestledabearonce is a pretty experimental band. Take deathcore, and add influences of country, jazz, techno, you name it, it's been integrated into their songs. Aside from the jazzy/country-esque parts, the structure used in the flat deathcore parts is pretty obscure. ApkvA


2011-01-17 03:26:49

I forgot about this one too. Not only does this guy have insane skills but the stuff he plays.. It's too beautiful. yR2Ic


2011-01-18 17:07:44

Well if you gonna have time check out this album preview mix by Netsky. Everyone I know liked it so far. Recent and good stuff 27dg4


2011-01-19 03:22:21

You've probably heard it already, but just in case, BT's This Binary Universe. I got it a while ago, but I've been coming back to it recently. My favorites: 6Z6xM vJh5Q

How about Amon Tobin? Two of my favorites: XV6o8 66qGU

Telefon Tel Aviv? More favorites: h8Fns KO6l4

Also, Infusion - Daylight Hours. Mind the three-minute intro, though. sIy_I

Good luck!


2011-01-19 03:29:59

Leave it to me to forget to Ctrl-F first. Someone already suggested Amon Tobin, and one of the same songs I suggested, too. Go figure.


2011-01-20 16:13:05

whats that for a rare pokemon?


2011-01-20 17:13:59

I've Got That Tune - Chinese Man Records
Trouble From The River - Quantic Soul Orchestra

Hope these help...


2011-01-20 22:07:03

Engine-Earz Experiment - Nemesis
Not available anywhere yet as far as I know but this is a decent radio rip. LGL44

shits insaaaaaaaaaaaane


2011-01-20 22:07:36

xkore nead moar halp!


2011-01-21 00:46:32

Hey, have you listened to the band Daft Punk? They do really cool music imo, and they recently did the soundtrack of Tron Legacy.


2011-01-21 13:11:17

I really wish I could help, but I cant.

cause basically I listen to you to inspire me when Im animating.


2011-01-21 23:42:57

Hey, I listened to this song, it's called "Mad World" by Gary Jules. I'm not sure if it's necessarily "inspiring," but it truly is a beautiful song. I love pianos, especially played like that in that genre.

Heres the link on youtube: 6m-JU

BY THE WAY: I sent you a message regarding a Research Paper I am doing for my English High School Paper, could you help me out? At the most it would probably take ten minutes to answer my review questions for my "Interview" section of the paper. Please take a look, love your songs, love the art, 10/10 talen!


2011-01-22 02:54:25

Ever heard of 'Get Out' or 'Frozen Creek' by "Circa Survive"? What about 'Ants of the Sky', 'Desert of Song', or 'Fossil Genera - a feed from cloud mountain' by "Between the Buried and Me"? 'Marigold', 'Tokyo Rose', and 'To Mama' are three amazing songs by "Mother Falcon", they're an indie group with their own orchestra. 'Lines Build Walls' by "Ehren Starks" always amazed me but I think you'd have to find him on "Magnatunes . c o m". Jami Sieber's 'Downstream', 'Lullaby Set', and 'Maenam' can also be found there. If you want something electronic there's always the Brit group "Pendulum" and "I am Robot and Proud" and the swedish guy "Sykur" who made 'snowboard girl'. If you do look up any of these songs, one must look up 'supertime' by "Berndsen"- it's video always brings a smile to the gloomiest person. 'None Shall Pass' by "Aesop Rock" is some of the most creative rap around. 'The world is smaller than you think' by "Mason Proper" is excellent but there isnt a decent upload of it on youtube. 'Summertime' by "Borgore" is pretty classy dubstep. If you want somethin' really old school and special, look up the soundtrack to Jet Set Radio Future with "Guitar Vader", "Hideki Naganuma", and "The Latch Brothers" to name a few. 'Heartbeat' by "Nneke" is soulful and indie. 'Staring at the Sun' and 'Wolf like Me' by "TV on the radio" is too but even better. If you want some uber talented jazz bass action look up "Alain Carol". Songs like 'D-Code' and 'Trouble' by him are unbelievable but you MUST see a video watching him play it. Look up international peoples like "Serebro" and "Glukoza" and "Keny Arkana".

Hmm... That's all I want to think off the top my head right now. Your music's totally boss man, and I hope I help you find some inspiration. Or, atleast open you up to a band you haven't heard possibly. Goodluck


2011-01-22 03:15:56

Oh yeah, totally forgot about this guy: Tlzjc
The seem up your alley of music

Sorry that I didn't embed links for my last post, I hadn't seen how everyone else was posting ideas till now. Nonetheless, I implore you to look them up


2011-01-22 03:51:32

Circa Survive H77h0 eV3ec

BTBAM lDtxE v6dwI&feature=related

Nothin' decent on YT for Mother Falcon, all live recordings

Jami Sieber biC5I&feature=related
Shira Kemmen (I accidentally called her Jami earlier!) 3XruU

Pendulum fmwNU O3Jsg

Sykur X_BiE

Berndsen vNJew&feature=related

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass HLgtg

Borgore - Summertime dCQBA

Guitar Vader - I love love you HjI70
Latch Brothers (an expiramental electro group by mostly Beasty Boy guys) NlJIE
Hideki Naganuma ct5IQ

Nneka - Heartbeat 3h5Ps&ob=av2em

TV on the Radio - AMAZING GUYS es2rI einFY&feature=related 6llh4&ob=av2el

Serebro - Imagine russian spice girls. But hotter. And more talent. h1m7k 7sMdw&feature=related

Glukoza - known in America for her song 'Schweine'. Here' some less-known songs of her's P1qBE&feature=related jG928&feature=related

Keny Arkana - French Parcore Rap + Badass French Chick M4pgw&feature=related ANi3o

Digitalism (I'm sure you know these guys) ECUBo&ob=av2el

Ludovico - amazong NeoClassical music 581T4

Alain Carol - Crazy Jass Basist, a live vid w/out a syth would be better 80oYU
Hiromi - another Jassist AsCF4

There ya go, I couldn't leave ya hanging without links. Just delete my other post


2011-01-24 16:37:17

WOW there are a lot of links here, tl;dr. I don't want to make it look even worse, so I'll just recommend the name (which you might have heard of already):

Venetian Snares.

Mind, he has lots of stuff out, some very different from others. I'd recommend some of the older albums (Doll Doll Doll, Find Candace, Winter in the Belly of a Snake, and Songs About My Cats). It's breakcore, a genre that I found to be much more beautiful than the first impression. Jointazzz on Youtube has uploaded tons of him. Big fan, btw. Look forward to what you get out of all of these songs/videos.


2011-01-24 20:44:45

Daamn. you asked for musical inspiration and you got it son :P
Anyways, here's a zoo kid tcd6Y

And here's Jay Reatard, rest in peace... 1UeA0&feature=related

Neither of these are dubstep or electronic, but they're both pretty inspiring to me. Enjoy and can't wait for that ep to drop :D


2011-01-26 04:14:03

Go look up Liquid Tension Experiment. I love their pianist :3


2011-01-27 16:06:06

I agree with Sequenced. Jordan Rudess is a great pianist for the progressive metal band Dream Theater and their "experiment" band Liquid Tension Experiment. Not electronic, but great music.

If you like progressive metal stuff, listen to a few of Dream Theater's songs on the "Scenes from a Memory" album, like pJNNk . Most start off a little slow and you probably won't be impressed unless you listen all the way through.


2011-01-28 13:30:45

Chicane makes awesome stuff ;)


2011-01-31 11:36:33 dh4RA
Dubstep be a-winnin'.
Hope it helps.



2011-01-31 11:39:08

Sorry about the doublecomment, but I thought this might be somewhere up your alley. PDGeU


2011-02-01 21:10:12

i listened to your track Serenade on youtube and i damn love it.
I do Progressive House mixes and have my own episode "Sunset Melodies" i am interested in your track for using and promote it in one of my next mixes if it fits to the other tracks.
Well just wanted to ask you if you could send me that track?
Here a link to my youtube account: rg
Here my email adress:
Would be great if you could send it to me...let me know via youtube or email ;)


2011-02-02 00:49:39

I have become obsessed with FantomenK recently.
It's fantastic chiptunes.

Here's his page:



2011-02-03 15:07:34 n/ 373269 n /370578
music made by my friend i like it, maybe you will too


2011-02-05 19:58:10

Hey xKore
Why don't you try to create something really dirty ? like this: : Q-hmI

Or you can try something ...darker >:] xMIzE