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2010-06-23 16:54:00 by xKore

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2010-06-23 17:09:13

u retartet n u shuld feel bad

xKore responds:



2010-06-24 15:37:52

You fucking broke it man. Nice one for ruining my day. :/

xKore responds:

i was trying to post a fucking transformers video dont blame me fuuuckcckfuuck


2010-06-24 17:23:25

im a 6 foot tall gay black man

xKore responds:



2010-06-25 04:49:53

Hey, I liked your song "Time's up"
I'm starting to make videos on youtube and I was wondering if you could give me the permission to use it . I might get paid, so if I do, I will give you part of the share. Hit me back if you're interested.

xKore responds:

Hey man, you can use my song. And don't worry about royalties, unless you're getting paid a pretty significant amount, it's just more hassle than it's worth imo


2010-06-29 12:41:18

what th.. what the fuck is this. WHAT-THE-FUCK IS THIS?

xKore responds:

stop swearing


2010-07-03 12:41:05

For he is a jolly good fellllllow, fo he is a jolly good fellllllllow.

xKore responds:

ok thne


2010-07-07 20:45:31

what dood why u remove song. also when is teh top secret preview full song coming out.


xKore responds:

I didnt feel like it was a good example to set, having a remix which uses stems from the original in it.

Also, not sure I'll be coninuing it. I've gotten bored of it for now..


2010-07-08 16:00:39

Protip for tunes, If you get bored, come back to them in a few days.

Always works for me, coz making basses takes TIME so I get fed up with them. Then I come back later and it's like SHIT THIS SOUNDS GOOD.

xKore responds:

yeah i know what you mean mun


2010-07-10 18:10:01

Do you know a 15 year old girl by the name of Georgia by any chance?

(Updated ) xKore responds:

a 15 year old girl called Georgia? Yeah.


2010-07-11 17:11:54

:O No way.
Is she red-headed and says she looks like a 12 year old?

xKore responds:

nah im fuckin wit ya. i dont know who georgia is


2010-07-13 02:45:05

Justin Bieber

xKore responds:

OMG <3<3£<£<£<<£,<3


2010-07-22 00:28:52

I am liking your music very much.


2010-07-24 02:10:56

nice pic lol... code geass has some weird parts


2010-07-28 21:16:57

ya slushaiyu


2010-07-29 03:20:19

Its 3am, cant sleep, Im stressing over so many things in my head... I turn to your page, and your music is running a gambit on my emotions. you're an incredible artist and and I seriously want to thank you for sharing your music with us.

You are the type of people that remind me what newrgounds is all about.


my bad if Im coming off emotional...